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West Campus

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西校教师家长协会是由一些热心教育的老师,校务人员和家长组成, 我们在教孩子们学习中文的同时,也有责任帮助他们健康成长和日后的成功。我们热忱的欢迎大家加入我们的团队,共同努力,为我们的孩子创造一个健康成长的环境

Greetingsfrom the West Campus administrative and management team, which includes teachers, room moms/dads, Parents Association members, board members and school staff.  We, as educators, have a responsibility for teaching the students to learn Chinese, while helping them grow and succeed. We look forward to welcoming every one of you. We will try our best to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of our students. ACCA West campus is located in Marietta City, Beautiful East Cobb. West campus has been teaching Chinese for years in East Cobb Middle School (ECMS). ECMS has well- equipped classroom buildings and educational facilities. ACCA management team is composed of loving parents who have Chinese education background and experience. Our excellent teachers’ team is always commit to serve our children and community to the best of our ability. Our curricula are designed to meet the various demands of our students at different Chinese levels: Pre -K, Jinan Chinese, Ma Liping Chinese and Bilingual Chinese; West Campus has offers cultural classes including but not limited to Arts, Tai Chi and Chinese painting and calligraphy courses,etc.

Location 地址: 380 Holt Road NE, Marietta, GA 30062 (inside East Cobb Middle School)

Schedule 上课时间 : Sunday afternoons 1:00 - 5:00.

E-Mail Address 邮件地址



新生报名须知 New Students Must Know

2018春季学期校历 2018 Spring Semester School Calendar (PDF file)




ACCA West Campus (Cobb) 2018 Spring School Calendar


Week Date Students/Teachers Notes
1 1/7/2018 中文课开始/Chinese Class Start Greetings,Registration/Refund
2 1/14/2018 副科开始/Enrichment Classes (EC) Start Registration/Refund
3 1/21/2018 No Tuition Refund If Drop After This Day
4 1/28/2018
5 2/4/2018
6 2/11/2018
2/18/2018 Cobb Winter Break No School Cobb School closed
7 2/25/2018 Chinese New Year Celebration
8 3/4/2018 Midterm Exam
9 3/11/2018 Daylight Savings Time starts
10 3/18/2018
11 3/25/2018
4/1/2018 Spring Break, No School
12 4/8/2018
13 4/15/2018
14 4/22/2018
15 4/29/2018 Last Day of EC/副课结束 Pre-registration ($10 tuition discount)
16 5/6/2018 Final exam, last day of school Pre-registration ($10 tuition discount)
17 5/12/2018 Graduation 毕业典礼 at North Campus



       在校生预注册一览表   Current Student Pre-Registration at a Glance

                         Please make check payable to ACCA

课 程 Class Registration Tuition
中文学前班 Pre-K $175($165) $20 or $60 (MLP)
MLP1 - 4
$175($165) $60
P01 - 10
$175($165) $15 or $20 (1st grade)
中文提高班 AP Chinese $175($165) $70
Bilingual 1 - 4
$185($175) $50
双语班五年级 Bilingual-5, 6 $185($175) *$85(2nd hand books are avilable online)
副科班 Enrichment Classes
(including Ping Pong)
$135($125) or $195($185) Upon Teacher
太极拳 Taichi
(14 classes, 1.5 hrs )
$160, $130 (P), $100 (T)


2018 Spring West Campus Chinese Class Schedule 2018春季西校课程安排 (New!)
2018S West Campus Chinese Class Schedule
B: Bilingual Class; MLP: Ma Liping Chinese Class; P: Ji-Nan Univ. Chinese Class.


2018 Spring West Campus Enrichment Class Teacher Assignment 2018春季西校副课一览表(New!)
2018S West Campus Enrichment Class Schedule


Introduction of 2018 Spring West Campus Enrichment Classes  2018春季西校副课介绍资料(New!)

太极拳(Taichi) (New!)

儿童合唱(Children's Chorus)

古筝(Gu Zheng)


高等体能训练(High Intensity Interval Training) (New!)

中国国画班(Chinese Brushing Painting)

孙老师阳光功夫班(Sun's Chinese Martial Arts) (New!)

吕剑老师成人和儿童素描班 (Teacher Lu's Art Classes) 

洪维虎老师数学班(Dr.Hong's Math Classes)(Updated!)

雷胜利老师成人摄影初级班(Beginning Photography)

雷胜利老师成人摄影高级班(Advance Photography)

Bella国际象棋俱乐部(Coach Bella's chess club) (New!)

路遥老师竹笛课(Flute Class) (New!)


2017 Fall West Camps Map of Class Room 2017秋季教室安排

First Period 第一时段教室安排
Second Period 第二时段教室安排



2018 Spring West Camps Map of Class Room 2018春季教室安排 (New!)
First Period 第一时段教室安排
Second Period 第二时段教室安排


Class Change Request / Withdraw and Tuition Refund 调课调班申请表格及退款申请表格

Class Change Request Form调课调班申请表格
Tuition Refund Request Form 退款申请表格

Incentive Program/Tickets Exchange Date 2018S 2018春季奖券换领时间表 (New!)
Incentive Program/Ticket Exchange Date 奖券换领时间表

新生年龄要求: K学生必须是在2013年9月1日之前出生的4岁以上儿童。一年级学生必须是5 岁以上; 马力平班一年级要求学生在 6 岁以上。 K students must be 4 years old or older; the first grade students need to be 5 years old; and the MLP Chinese class first grade requires students to be 6 years old.

新生学杂费: New Student Fees:
1. Tuition(See Above) per semester, a $10 doscount is applied to pre-registration.
2. Book purchase, the prices vary by textbooks. 书费 (see Above)
3. $25 non-refundable registration fee 注册费
4. $30 duty fee (refundable) 值班费
5. $15 equipment donation, pay to PTA 设备费付给PTA
6. $5 PTA membership fee, pay to PTA




































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